Shelves turned into earrings! Jewelry of the day, created by nature, delivered by me! #35

in #art3 years ago

Hello, friends!

Nature Art is the best way to show ethernal beauty!

After I introduced you in my workshop and started to talk more about how I actually create jewelry, people became more curious to see "how it ends" this beautiful process.
That's why I decided to post from time to time one of Nature's jewelry for everyone to see, admire and enjoy it's colors, beside my regular post about my journey and how I enjoy designing accessories, and not only..!

Enjoy Nature and it's works of art!

This is today's jewelry!

Stud earrings made of natural shelves from Romanian Sea Side, From the Black Sea, filled with resin for resistance and coated with lacquers. The stud is made of 925 silver and the effect is amazing:)





I hope you liked my idea! Looking forward for opinions:)!



Imi plac la nebunie, foarte interesanta ideea :D

Amazing post

I've been waiting to see more of this art! Great job, as always :)

Super creativ. Felicitari


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