Summer in one pendant! Jewelry of the day, created by nature, delivered by me! #29

in #art4 years ago (edited)

Hello, Steemians!

Nature Art is my way to preserve feelings and beauty!

After I introduced you in my workshop and started to talk more about how I actually create jewelry, people became more curious to see "how it ends" this beautiful process.
That's why I decided to post from time to time one of Nature's jewelry for everyone to see, admire and enjoy it's colors, beside my regular post about my journey and how I enjoy designing accessories, and not only..!

Enjoy Nature and it's works of art!

This is today's jewelry!

  • Open back silver bezel, handmade, with 3 cm diameter, containing an orange, delicate summer flower.




Make your story be extraordinary!



A beautiful gift from nature

Really special work :) but you already know that I'm one of your biggest fans haha :D

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Waooo nice amazing i going to follow u best of luck steemit frnd

Wow this is amazing. :D I've never done something like that before.

You made a very nice post ... I am very impressed by this .. I think, it will be fascinating to everyone ...... waiting for your next post.