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Art has always been considered to enhance the man and make his life more beautiful. However, it is very important how we see art and the people who create it. Everything that a man does and invested in love and desires is art, because art is love. That work can be anything, even the easiest work, but the main goal is to change the world for the better. Art is the work that every person has left behind even sometimes he is not aware of what he has done. Sometimes happens that an artwork leaves such a strong impression that causes different feelings and we remain breathless. Art senses every other person, we constantly feel that it is present, but we can not see it. Art is always something nice, art must be beautiful in itself, even if it talks about the most rugged themes, because the goal of art is to awaken people in themselves for themselves and for others around them.

I think that art should have some purpose, which does not have to be clear and send a message, it is enough to make you think and think about something. Or cause emotions. I love real and clear things, a novel that talks about real people, an image on which I know what is drawn, a song I understand. The question of art is eternal and it exists and will always exist. In relation to the time in which they lived, people had different answers to him, and new answers arose every day.

Art is food for the soul.

In some drawings, I am constantly returning and delighting, and as I look at them again, I experience the same feelings as in the process of creation. As for the drawings that are always more intimate than the pictures, I have always been praised for those that came from my current situation. 

Artists are a small group of people, those who must know that there will always be people who will not understand them, who will not love their works. But the basic saying that should be kept is NEVER GIVE UP. If you love what you do, you should not give up, you should do what you like. When we hear all these artists's stories, of course, we want to become one of them. So do I. 

Maybe I could not say that I know art. I would not be able to enumerate all the artistic directions, even if I do not recognize which of them belong to some of the famous painters or sculptors. But, I know that feeling that causes me something worthwhile and great in art. However, I will hardly analyze such a piece or say what makes it so significant and famous. And how does one work remain unique for thousands of years?

For me, art is love, it's a way to show my emotions, my talent, and to escape from reality when it's needed.

As Goethe said, "It can not be safely escaped from reality, but through art, and it can not be more securely connected to it than through art."

My primary goal is to transfer the emotion and my love of drawing to people who watch my works. I want them to see my own efforts and the desire to make this world somehow more beautiful. I hope to send the same message to you as well. :)

Art is power. 

Hope you like my work. :)


Great job! very impressive. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you too. I'm glad you like my work. :)

Одлично @nesni996, рад по фазама из којих се понешто може и научити :)

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