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RE: Introducing CryptoPuzzles - A Non-Fungible Treasure Hunt [501 Steem Prize]

in #art3 years ago

When I click on KnownOrigin, it seems to be blank... am I doing it wrong or are the kryptokodama not available yet?


That's so weird... they are totally hidden and mysterious in the Brave browser, but clear as day and fun as heck in Chrome.

It cost about 5$ if someone newbie is trying than they lack chances.

It is a fun instant game. YOU CAN WIN X2-X118 !!! :) OR LOSE

The rules of the game are very simple.
There are only 9 cells: 4 of them are winning, 5 - losing. Open the cells one by one.
Success find ×4 Clover - ×118.189
Success find ×3 Clover - ×18.900
Success find ×2 Clover - ×5.500
Success find ×1 Clover - ×2.025
Any time you find ×1 Bomb - Game Over

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