From Technical To Artistic: My First Attempt At Water Paints

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I spend every day with my head in a computer screen. I have a technical position at work and aside from a little guitar playing don't have much in life that's truely an artist outlet.


Enter "Ironlak". It's a rather funky arts supply store that holds classes for the purpose of introducing people to painting and drawing. Today, I thought it would be mentally engaging, or perhpas therapeutic, to take a beginner's class in water painting.


I stood out, not only for what rapidly became evident as an uncanny skill to make blank paper pop to life (hey, it's my post, I can embellish a little) but also for the fact that I was the only guy in attendance... in sight actually!

My class at the back of the room.

After some theory relating to translucency and the different bleeding effects possible from "wet on dry" and "wet on wet" techniques and a follow up practice session we started painting a reproduction of a potted plant.

The place has some funk about it!

So I don't want to drone on as I'm certain that my readership is briskly scanning these words in anticipation of seeing my Picasso. Well I'm not one to deny the people what they want....




Sure to become a classic. Can I hear an opening bid?


great artwork my friend. Please continue posting a valuable like this and I definitely see you being successful on this community in the near future. Great post

I especially loved the plant at the end. The colors and shading on it are so professional.

Great artwork, nice try, there's always a first time for everything.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Wow, that's pretty good.. The way you were talking I was sure it was going to be a dud!

wow, I did not know that artistic side of you, well, your work looks very good and even you win me because I've never dared to do a work with watercolors.

You have some talent! Pretty darned good for your first class! I remember taking some drawing classes...I could draw aliens really well! LOL