The Keyless Keyed Keyboard

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As I reach and claw my way up this ladder of all efforts that is Steemit, I must stop to remind myself why I'm here.

I believe I'm up to 57 followers, all of whom I appreciate and respect very much for boarding this train with me. My blog has become quite colorful, as I push to bring only original content of my own uniqueness to this grand stage of things to come.

I am here to entertain, hopefully, and must always respect and cherish what I receive as compensation for my time. I don't want to make you laugh and then slip out the backdoor with bags full of riches. Maybe I'll make you feel a little uneasy at times, but it's not for profit, it's food for thought. Maybe you'd like to hang something of mine on your wall, but the image will never melt into a dollar sign.

We all seem, the same. Differences between us can only come from our creations. That is our true value. I respect this value does not come with a price tag here.

Who would listen to you if they first had to stand at the door and wait in the cold?

Loyalty. Which can only be earned.

I'm not a religious person. I don't really fit into any of the isms, but I do take bits and pieces and I guess that's what makes, me. Yes, it can seem a bit sketchy, but there are times when I do press the pray key.

I think the word is universal in it's simplicity and meaning. I don't think a prayer is reserved for the religious only. It comes in many variances. Some use their positive mental outlook as prayer. Some simply look up to the sky and whisper within their minds. Some play the numbers. Some simply hope they are right. Some worry and wish.

It's all about what's in sight.
The would be,
the could be,
the maybe,
the might.

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