Ripples... (MoneyArt By CMOR)

in #art3 years ago


New art! It is more of an experiment than an intended design, but I am also quitting drinking alcohol and probably tobacco too, so I do not really care if the art is perfect... Right now it is the only thing that can distract me from going nuts...

It is double-sided, with Lender Man on the reverse... Here is that one, so you can see how they don't really relate much at all...

Lender Man.jpg

Poverty is the main reason I have cut vises from my life... I get zero support from my community, especially here on scheme-it... I also cut out coffee, and will just suffer until I fly or die... You could help, though... Share some shit from my shop, or ball up and buy one yourself...

Here is a link to the listing at my shop... $60 is a steal, for 2 pieces of art...

Okay, wank you very much... Please pray for my enlightenment!

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