The Four Seasons... (MoneyArt By CMOR)

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The Four Seasons.jpg

This is my latest art on banknotes... The Four Seasons is a set of 4 notes... Like winter, spring, summer, and fall... The bills are from Mongolia, circa 1993, and too small to really do a masterwork upon... So pop art portraits to a seasonal theme... yay!

Winter is Carrie Fischer, or Princess Leia Organa... I will probably fix her nostrils before it is sold, but it is close enough for postage stamp size!

Carrie Fischer.jpg

Spring is Bob Marley, to usher in the greenery...

Bob Marley.jpg

Summer is Pee Wee Herman, who should be knighted but should not fap in public...

Pee Wee Herman.jpg

Last but not least is Autumn, or Fall... Rainn Wilson is featured on the Fall note...

Rainn Wilson.jpg

This set of moneyart is available at my shop... Please buy it, as I could stand to buy groceries... My food stamps got cut off because I didn't file some form with them, explaining I have autism... I have filed this form before, but I moved last summer, and apparently the counties won't talk to each other... Jeez!

Here is the link to The Four Seasons at my shop:

Okay, please have a nice day, and be kind to bots this year...

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