Tinking Of You... (MoneyArt By CMOR)

in #art3 years ago

Tinking Of You.jpg

Tinking Of You is my latest moneyart piece... I went to the art walk last Friday night, to spread some new business cards around that I had made... I saw many cool things, and people dug my card, since it had artwork on each side...

Then I ran across a thrift shop for creativity... Like a garage sale for art supplies! I was in heaven... I ended up getting 18 new stencils for $10, and they usually cost about $5 each... Hurray!

So one of them was a cheesy THINKING OF YOU... I did a bunch of quickies with different word variations, like a challenge to myself to make anagrams out of it...


I may spend these and get them into circulation, or develop them into other art soon... Either way I am having a blast...

Have a nice week!

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