Uncanny Xmas... (My Christmas Card To All Steemians)

in #art3 years ago

A New Xmas.jpg

Christmas is a time for tradition... A time for hiding from mind control music, of obligations and highly selective charity... Most years it catches me by surprise, since I am always wondering, "Wasn't he born LAST year?" As in, I get it, he is born... Can I skip to 2019 now?

But my mom sent me a christmas card, and my artist brain kicked in... Gotta deface it and share it as my own holiday greeting for those who like to laugh... Bots can participate too... All are welcome...

Here is my 2007 Christmas song, Outta The Santa Closet...

Okay, have a great xmas everyone! Say hello to strangers! Smile at Santa! Don't pee on snowmen!

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