My new ceramic candlestick "Pink star". Step by step photos

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Hi Steemit!

During breaks between festivals, I try to make many new products for the following events.

Sometimes I work in a studio until late at night, but I do not complain because I really like this process.

The last time, I like to make candlesticks and delicate plates for fruits. Here is one of my most recent products ☺️☺️☺️


To make such a candlestick you need to have a gypsum mold for dipping the dish. You can also make an earthenware plate on a potter's wheel, but it is much longer and more difficult.


In the center of the plate I made a special candle shape. With the help of a scalpel, I carefully cut the holes. This should be done very carefully as the clay is still crude and can be easily deformed.


Now it is necessary that the clay dries.

At the ends there were sharp corners that need to be repaired, because the irrigation in such places falls badly.

Here we are :


When everything was almost ready, I decided to slightly change the shape of the candlestick and cut off the two opposing edges.

Usually I don't like pink, but I liked this tint so I decided to try it. Looks interesting, how do you think?


Let me know in the comments 😉😘

Have a wonderful evening!

Best wishes,




Very lovely new creation, @olgy-art :D I really love these ceramic pieces of yours, they are so beautiful and wonderfully unique <3 The contrast between the inner eye where the candle would be placed and the pink petals is really nice, also ! It creates almost an illusion of a hole in the middle since the colour of the centre is so dark :)

Always nice to see your step by step process, also <3

Thank you very much for your kind words ☺️☺️☺️☺️.

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