My new ceramic fruit vase 😊😊😊. Step by step photos

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Pottery absorbs me more and more with each passing day.

I'm trying to combine this with drawing and recently signed up for professional painting courses. A few days ago I finally finished my first oil painting and will soon show it to you 😊😊.


I have long wanted to make a fruit vase for my house and now I have it at last. My potter's teacher advises me to make a sketch of the product on paper and then to start to make it. Several times I tried to follow this advice but, as it turned out, my best is improvisation 😂😂😂.


To make such a vase, you need to pour a special liquid mixture of clay in the plate form. This is very fast and convenient, since it is very long time to manually make such a plate. Let it dry the whole day. Now it's ready for carving.


Be careful with the plate because it is very fragile.

Take an acute surgical scalpel and carefully cut out the shapes you need. It is important that the distance between the holes is at least 0.5 cm as the plate can crack. I had it once 😤😤😤.


Each aperture I rounded up with a scalpel. To clean the product from the dust and prepare for painting, I took a moist washcloth and lightly wiped the plate. I covered the whole product with graphite enamel and...



Since I was very fond of pottery, I decided to rent a workshop for my creativity so soon you will see many of my new works.

Best wishes,




Молодець!!! Гарна робота!


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Дуже кропітка робота, і прекрасний результат! Виглядає ніби зроблена з шоколаду )))

Дякую! Ага, і дійсно 😁😁😂😂😂

Оля, дуже стильна фруктова ваза !!!
Бажаю і в подальшому тобі успіхів та натхнення у мистецтві.


I didn't know it was so easy to make such a beautiful platter! I had no idea that you actually have one big platter and then you cut out some pieces out of it to make your wished pattern :) I really should start doing some pottery classes :)

You've done a great job with this one! It looks very nice and I can even imagine it at my home!

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend!

Thank you! You should try it for sure! It's not so hard but needs a lot of time so be ready 😁😁😁.

That is beautiful Olga! You make it look so easy with the pictures. That is amazing! You have my Vote. The fruit vase you made will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Это прекрасная Ольга! Вы делаете это так легко с фотографиями. Это удивительно! У вас есть мой голос. Ваза с фруктами станет предметом зависти соседей
Eto prekrasnaya Ol'ga! Vy delayete eto tak legko s fotografiyami. Eto udivitel'no! U vas yest' moy golos. Vaza s fruktami stanet predmetom zavisti sosedey

Thank you very much!!! Maybe it will inspire you to try something like this too:)))

Such a cool plate ! Makes the presentation of a fruit plate looks so artistic and wonderful ! :D The step by step is presented well, also <3 A great post ! I look forward to seeing your oil artworks :D

Thanks a lot for your kind words 😊😊😊

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Many thanks! It's very nice of your part ☺️☺️☺️

Do you sell the vases or is this the first one you have created?

I sell a lot of different handmade for home:) Vases, acrylic and oil paintings, epoxy resin painting and so on:) It depends on my muse 😃😃😃

wow, really a nice fruit vase! Well done! ^_^

Many thanks ☺️

I like it!!

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Thanks ☺️

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