Pottery festival in Ternopil city, Ukraine. My ceramics and photos 😍

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Hi Steemians!

Now i'm presenting my own ceramic items on the festival in Ternopil city, Ukraine.

The feast of pottery will last for 3 days! Masters from all over Ukraine came here to show their products and to make master classes for people.


I am engaged in pottery only a few months ago, so it is very important for me to attend such events, because here i can learn something new, get acquainted with like-minded people and new techniques in pottery.


There is a lot of fun: musicians sing, children play with animators, and even a huge pool with liquid clay is nearby.

Already a contest of clay battles has begun and everyone who wants has the opportunity to fight for a good prize 😁😁😁.


We have a fun atmosphere here and the weather is very conducive to this. The sun shines, the music is playing... just a perfect relax after working days.

Wish us good sales!




By the way, there will be an unreal show in the evening: a fire sculpture. We made a clay statue of 2 meters high and today in the dark part of the day we will burn it 😛😉.

Have a wonderful day!

Best wishes,




The clay pool looks like fun! Good luck with your sales :) Cheers

Hahaaa thanks ☺️

Nice pottery! The mud pool looked like fun too.

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Thank you)))

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ух ти як цікаво! І дуже гарно молодець

Дуже дякую ☺️☺️☺️