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A light in the dark

In this post you can see the illustration 'Light' that I created for Chapter Thirty Four of @dougkarr's amazing novel Dwelling.

The Ogre stood on the rooftop edge looking out as darkness descended on the powerless city.

Chapter Thirty Four of Dwelling by Doug Karr.

Creating an illustration for Dwelling


The image of the light bulb was drawn out in pencil, then masking fluid was applied to areas of the paper I wanted to keep white.

Washes of ink and water were added to the picture with a brush, building up layers of tone.

Finally, a dip pen and drawing ink was used to draw in some of the finer details on the light bulb and fitting.


Inside the structure’s entrance hall, the sound of an incandescent buzz not heard for days emitted from a ceiling bulb.

A spark of heat in the filament filled the bulb with luminous radiation.

The foyer lit up.

Chapter Thirty Four of Dwelling by Doug Karr.



Ink on paper

You can read the 34th chapter of Doug Karr's novel Dwelling now!


Good one!....:)...

wonderful shape and shade! This is really great!!

Glad you like this illustration @ykdesign. Thank you

amazing creativity

I really like your style a lot of particular ... the details with that ink pen are a nice touch in more '...

Thanks- yes I use a dip pen with many of my drawings.

Yes yes , I saw your other drawings, all really special ... congratulations again
ciao ciao ;)

I admire the creativity you have to create your works. congratulations dear friend @opheliafu another beautiful work
I wish you a beautiful afternoon and a happy day of the friend...

Thank you @opheliafu for sharing the process of your painting.

That is always nice to know what kind of tips and trick other artists have in order to learn and to use them too.

Sometimes I am struggling to apply masking fluid, because sometimes I have too large amount of it or the shape that I do not really want, do you use a brush for that?

such creativity..love it

I am always fascinated by your art and love how you share your processes. <3