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It felt like they had been walking for hours, they were lost in a wilderness where every view looked the same. They were about to give up when Bob saw a light.

'Follow Bob,' they said in unison.


'Follow Bob' -2017

Watercolour and watercolour pencil on paper

September 171.jpg

Have a great day!


Hahah, this reminds me of one of the bible stories, where the "wise men" were lead by the star. They saw the star and they followed it to where new born Jesus was.

Nice thought.

I can see where it would.


I thought it was a star?

Yeah, that true, It was a star. It lead them to the home of Jesus birth. I need to pay more details to bible again. Thanks @opheliafu. I will edit it not to confuse future readers of the comment.

Your drawings look very fascinating I am very impressed thank you so much for sharing keep up the good work

Glad you found it interesting @mannyfig1956!

And as they came closer they realized it was a rocket preparing for liftof. A steemit rocket going to the moon (:
Love your artwork, so simplistic yet so effective.
Keep up the good work!


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Bob found light, or maybe Bob is the light himself..

Only Bob knows!

Thanks to provide Great New and Useful Information

I really like this combination of short-story and illustration. Also the minimalistic lines are leaving some space for filling it with my own imagination. Well done!

I'm sure your imagination is filling it in with wonderful things!

Its funny when they said in unison 'Follow Bob'. Maybe Bob is going to meet his maker.

I guess that is a future story!

I would love to participate in chapter 2. 😀

With little colours you have performed so many works! Good job... Friend... Thanks

I always enjoy watching your art. The way you work with your collors is really amazing in my eyes. It's like showing you really make the paint work for you. Something I am still learning!

Oh yes- you've got to make it work for you otherwise it will sit back and relax like lazy paint :D

Bob is a clever guy. I'll Follow Bob to see the light :)

Bob knows a lot of things, follow Bob yes!

Is this influenced by me walking around London with Sat nav in hand?

No. That's what influences my annoyed face ;D

bob. i love the name bob. it's got so much punch. BOB.

Truly liked your #Art piece.

Pls keep showing us your work, here at #Steemit.

(I see You're a visual #storyteller) - will follow u.

Thank you very much!

Every day energetic.
Beautiful Blue.

I will Resteem it!

Thank you very much- loving your work too!

I think we all need a Bob when things look dim :)

I don't know what I would do without Bob in my life- who would I draw ?

Millions of starbursts or midcentury amoeba shapes with Bob's essence, like fragmented atoms of all Bob is....

your drawing makes me think about something... in my life...

That's very interesting @cookingpapa

What Bob will have found, what will that bright light be? Have you arrived where you wanted to go?
excellent work dear friend @opheliafu congratulations on this beautiful work
I wish you a beautiful day

I like the simplicity, the colour effects and nice colours! well done!