Ophelia Fu's Family of Skulls -Part 3!

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My year-in-review

skull 3title.png

Ophelia Fu's Family of Skulls

Welcome to the final post of my Skull themed artwork from my past year on Steemit. In this post I'm sharing with you some of my favourite pieces, including Monsieur Daisy and Madame Autumn. I hope you enjoy this selection of work!

Say hello to 'The Green Lady'

Introducing 'The Green Lady'! Don't stare into her big green eyes, she has the ability to hypnotise!

lady green.png


Say hello to Monsieur Fraise!

A little strawberry skull I made at SteemFest Amsterdam for @fairytalelife.

fraise skull.jpg


Say hello to Lady Red!

She enjoys drinking Campari and soda whilst reading a good book.

lady red.png


Say hello to Madame Heather!

Her eyes sparkle with glimmers of moonlight and purple Scottish heather.

Madame Heather found a home back in her native Scotland with @meesterboom.

heather skull.jpg


Say hello to Monsieur Diamond!

Born from a vat of Halloween candy and rays of moonlight, he has risen up to claim his place next to the other recruits.

Monsieur Diamond travelled back from SteemFest Amsterdam with @shortcut and is now living in Germany!



Say hello to Madame Autumn!

Her rusty breath majestically colours the leaves. Autumn has arrived, she dances in the equinox with an icy chill but her skin radiates in the warmth of the noon sunlight.



Say hello to Monsieur Geordie!

Monsieur Geordie is a chivalrous and courteous gentleman. He enjoys karaoke and a nice bottle of Newkie Brown.


Say hello to Madame Love!

Created as a gift for @everlove.

She followed the map in her heart, it was a long journey and she did not know her destination. She found an old apple tree to rest her head under, and she drifted into a magical dream. She woke to find that she was in The Garden of Eden, surrounded by beauty and happiness. Her eyes opened wide as she captured the light and life through her lens. Smiling, happiness, beauty, for ever love.

madame love.jpg


Say hello to Mevrouw SteemFest!

She enjoys discussing technology, ideas, art, the future and the blockchain. She has Steemit running through her veins.

Mevrouw SteemFest was created on a SteemFest Amsterdam map.

steemfest skull.jpg


Hello Monsieur Daisy!

monsieur daisy.jpg


T-shirts of Monsieur Daisy available at https://www.redbubble.com/people/opheliafu

Have a great day!



Greeting from Monsieur Diamond! He really likes it here in Germany. And although diamonds are a girls best friend, which I'm definitely not, he seems to enjoy his place above my work desk.


That is amazing- thanks for sharing that @shortcut! I'm very touched by that.

Ah, that's nice - I will tell him ;-)

Amazing collection of skulls, i like it really.. my favorite is Madame Autumn i will use as wallpaper in my mobile.

That is one of my favourites too- I like the hidden creatures!

Like me!! I will follow you for more topics similars.. ^^,

wow really great artworks! :)
my favorite is also madame autumn ;)

That's wonderful!

I love all the colors of these pieces! Monsieur Fraise reminds me of Señorita Fresita (Miss Strawberry) it was a skull strawberry girl on one of my cousins shirt not sure what it was from though. All so lovely!

Thank you. I started to draw that one when I was sat with @fairytale life at SteemFest- it was a gift for her.

Woah these are really cool skulls, I've never seen something like these only like the real life clay one never cool drawings.

Thank you, I'm glad you think they are cool :D

Very vibrant !

Thank you very much for these beautiful memories dear friend @opheliafu, these are my favorites, happiness for these aravillosorabajos you have done
I wish you an excellent day

You got my vote and a resteem :]

All of them look great however I will go for Say hello to Madame Autumn!

Good one

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