If you are the owner of this amazing art piece. Can you prove it, by linking me (Curie Curator) your any of your social media accounts that has any of your awesome art piece. I will personally recommend you for curation if your account is verified.

@menoski dear sir I don't know how to proove you my passion for pencil sketch art. But I can share my 2010 sketches on Facebook profile when I started sketch. As you can see I'm not professional.

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Checked it. Cool. Do you have an Instagram account? If Yes, try and most your RECENT(by recent, i mean your art piece that is not more than a month old) and publish an article here also. Also make sure you give progress of how you made the art (drawing) piece. If you are truly the owner of this art piece, it won't be hard for you to create a new art piece, post on it Instagram and post it here on steemit. It's always good posting your art works on social media, you get followers, people may request for your piece or want you to draw a piece for them and you will be gaining more experience. So if you don't have an Instagram account, create today and start posting your art works there and here. I will look for some artists here on steemit that may give you some understanding as you view through their articles.

Please suggest me sir! I'm willing to learn new pencil sketch art day to day. I never satisfied with draw with innovation. I like to get some more ideas from pro! So I can become more good in my hobby pencil sketch art. I definitely create an Instagram account for my pencil sketch art and also I'm thinking to start YouTube channel for that. But it's tough competition in sketches art. I also learned from YouTube videos. In my next article I'll definitely create YouTube video for my art and make step by step information.

Thank you sir! But don't forget to share those professional people to me. I'm totally free these days. I have completed my IELTS exam. Waiting for Canada visa. I can utilize my time with sketch.


Here are list

Go through each link and look through how the authors' presented their art piece. Also you may check their blog. But I will advise to just look at these links and understand their presentation. Your art piece is great, so don't compare your art piece to any of the above authors. I gave you these links to know how to present your art piece, so that you could curated. And if you check these authors blog page, you will see a Twitter or Instagram account to verify them as real artist.

NOTE: Pay attention to their representation and not their skill because yours is good and some of the authors above are digital artist and not sketch artist.

Sorry for the delay had a busy day.

Wow! Thank you so much sir. I really appreciate your efforts, I'll definitely check it out.

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