"Habaxis": A 'broken' kaleidoscopic tokenized artwork

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Artbreeder is Awesome !

I love the new artbreeder site, it's got some very interesting possibilities in the different models available :

So, of course I'm planning to make an artwork using every one of the tools to celebrate !

The first one, using the Landscape model, was Vanishing City, which I created yesterday:

It's a bit too big to show the animated version, so you'll just have to check it out ;)

The second one, the one whose design I'm going to show off today, is Habaxis.

Artbreeder General model

The artbreeder general model is, as far as I know, just the same as what it was on the old Ganbreeder website.
It makes interesting combinations using a very wide range of different imagery.

Here's the one I hit upon :

Screenshot from 2019-08-27 12-21-53.png

Artbreeder generated image

I imported it into GIMP, then realized something:

I didn't have access to the default GIMP kaleidoscope function. Sadness...

You see, I'm at work right now, and lunch break is nearly over.
I got a sudden surge of inspiration about an hour ago, while heating my lunch, and sat down to create this artwork in... well... 10 minutes tops ?

So, yeah, this is probably not my biggest creative effort yet ;)

But at work I'm on a Linux machine, which for some reason doesn't have some of the basic functions of GIMP...

But the G'MIC-qt plugin comes to the rescue !

GIMP's G'MIC-qt plugin

G'mic-qt has a set of 2 or 3 different Kaleidoscope functions, and one of them was perfect for my purposes.

Hell, it even allowed me to move the center of symmetry !

Screenshot from 2019-08-27 13-08-04.png

After playing around with the parameters,I used the Dream Smoothing filter from the same plugin to give it a more relaxed look:

Screenshot from 2019-08-27 12-21-46.png

Screenshot from 2019-08-27 12-21-40.png

Screenshot from 2019-08-27 12-21-30.png

Then used the normal GIMP Cartoon filter to reinforce the contrast a bit

Screenshot from 2019-08-27 12-20-54.png

And then, finally, a Canvas effect to finish it off in style :



And look, it's even a palindromic number !

Makes it even rarer, since it'll be another 110 artworks before another palindromic number pops up ;)

Too bad I can't see the number before publihsing, or I'd have made the artwork name a palindrome too ;)

I hope you liked this artwork ad it's accompanying creation guide !

As always, my art is released under CC-BY

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