The Spear - Black and Red Drawing

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I did a few drawings this week, but ending up posting this one. Why you may ask...well, I just can't find the drawing book I used 🙄. I am blaming the kids for it, a good pourcentage of why I got them if to have someone to blame (hehe, joke). I will probably find it where I left it...wherever that is.

Anyways, so I grabbed another book and just started to draw in that one. I just went spontaneously , wondering what would come out.


At this point, it could turn out luke anything, a kite maybe...with a very very steady wind.


Maybe the fact that I was fishing for my book inspired me to draw what tutned out to be a spear, who knows!


At first, I used a pencil to eventually go over the lines wirh a fine marker. To add some contrast, the color red was a elegant choice. I love doing black and red combos. It was done using a kid's crayola crayon...take that for taking my book 🤣


Thanks for the view!


Well I think you would have to blame yourself for not keeping it out of reach of your children.

Nice step by step processes. I like the black pen you used on it.

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Lol, hell yeah on the children part, obviously my bad hihi