Codename: Farmer's Daughters (a working title) - Cover Art, Logline, & Blurb

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Beware the twin waters, the Farmer's Daughters...
No one is safe, no one escapes.

Codename: Farmer's Daughters Promo Thumbnail

So, some fun chit-chat about cheesy erotica novel covers occurred recently and I wondered if I could make one of my own.

My original plan was to just morph some models and pop ‘em into some stock pin-up poses and go from there. Um... to be clear, these were digital 3d models in a lovely piece of software called DazStudio, not actual humans or anything like that. ^_^; Anyway...

A recent trip down the rabbit hole inspired the Farmer's Daughter theme. I was in there seeking inspiration for a silly logline that was intended to be an entry for a round robin writing activity. But as soon as I finished writing it, I knew it belonged with the cheesy erotica novel cover.

Then, not wanting shallow characters or weak plot, and erotica not actually being my thing, I felt compelled to impose a twist.

So much for silly cheesy erotica, lol.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'll still deliver silly, cheesy, and erotica... somehow... it just seems I can't tell a story without telling a story, ya know?

So, here's the original render.

Codename: Farmer's Daughters Cover Art Original Render

But it wasn't what I wanted for the final design -- it was just the starting point.

I thought for sure one of my favourite Nik Collection Photoshop Filters would be it...

Codename: Farmer's Daughters Cover Art AntiqueStyle

...but it wasn't quite what I wanted. That specific filter, by the way, is Nik Collection > Silver Efex Pro 2 > 032 Antique Plate II.

I'd grown pretty attached to the gold tone from the original render at this point, so I tried the same filter in a different tone (tone number 24, to be precise).

Codename: Farmer's Daughters Cover Art GoldTone

I liked it, but it still wasn't what I was wanting.

I started perusing the other Vintage filters and came across one vaguely labelled "034 Yellowed 2" and it was exactly what I wanted. It had this old photograph feel to it and it fit the theme of the story perfectly! And then I spent a day on fonts ^_^;

But here it is! The final product! Well, until I come up with a snappier title -- just can't seem to decide if I like it or not.

Codename: Farmer's Daughters Cover

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The text from the back cover:

Kidnapped from their kind, twisted for decades through brutal experiments, the subjects of the clandestine project codenamed "Farmer's Daughters" were expected to turn on the Farmer. Indeed, it was to be their first uncontrolled test, after which they were meant to be quietly recovered. However, their abilities -- and appetites -- were severely underestimated, and their ambitions were never even known.

Beware the twin waters, the Farmer's Daughters...
No one is safe, no one escapes.

Codename: Farmer's Daughters Cover on 3D Books

3D Mock-up made in SketchUp, rendered in DazStudio

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All images created by @PegasusPhysics.
Also, if you didn't know, I'm Lakhi Devereaux.
Hi! Nice to meet ya. ^_^;

Ha! Oh Peg this is great! I might actually read this erotica lol!

Haha, thanks! Guess I better get to writing. ^_^;

Beware the twin waters, the Farmer's Daughters...
No one is safe, no one escapes.
Now that's catchy! You're a poet and an artist AND a story teller!
Great front cover and synopsis!

Thank you @carolkean! I'm glad you like it! ^_^

That's kind of... different dude

lol, is that good or bad? ^_^;