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I sold a shirt! Or atleast I think it was a shirt... Spreadshirt's not being very clear about the product I sold, just the design.

So let's just say I sold a design! Over at Spreadshirt this time.

I had trouble with Spreadshirt. I signed up, uploaded a couple of designs and then a couple of days later, I wasn't able to access the backstage environment anymore. So, no access to my designs or any other part of my account. I let it rest for a couple of months, tried again and still couldn't access anything. I e-mailed them, they told me they couldn't see an account connected to my e-mail address so I should try creating an account again.

I didn't. I guess I was too distracted by other things.

Then a week or two later, I received an e-mail that I sold something. I tried logging in again and yes! It worked this time. So that's when I was able to see that only one of the four designed I uploaded had gotten approved. This one:

(Now I don't know how much I can trust Spreadshirt yet, so I'm showing the design on Redbubble instead.)


Just one design up and it sold! This design is up in my shops on all sorts of products, but my best guess is that it's sold on some sort of women's clothing. Not sure though! Maybe Spreadshirt will tell me more about my sale once it actually shows up on my dashboard. It can take up to 14 days the site says.

It could also be on baby clothing ofcourse... That would be kinda funny!


Anyway, I designed this a while ago and basically because I liked the idea that popped into my head! It's not something I would wear myself, but I can see others liking it. There is a market for fun text shirts after all.

And with that in mind, I guess I should show you another fun text shirt design I created just a few weeks ago! It's been in my head for quite some time already, basically since seeing one of the Supernatural episodes where Dean swears with 'Fudge'.

So here we go:


What the fudge!

...I thought it was funny...

Available for ladies too ofcourse, and as bag, notebook, phone cover, etc. etc.


I'm thinking of doing a plain white text version of this too. Actually, that's easily done with this base design ready, let me just take a little break from typing...

Or atleast it would be easy, if I knew where I saved the fudging thing... (see what I did there? I'm so funny...)

Oops! Sorted by date, not by alphabet! Crisis averted.

Here we go!


Yay for affordable unisex shirt. Again, I've added it to many other products too.

That's the problem with the unisex or classic designs. They are much more affordable than the 'special' shirts, but they have a much more limited design range. I love the graphic shirts where I can design the complete shirt, instead of just a square in the middle. For text shirts like these though, the cheaper ones work fine too.

Anyway, yay I sold a drama queen design! I was so excited to get that news yesterday, that I decided to add more designs to my Spreadshirt shop. They are still waiting to be approved (or not), so I don't know yet how many new ones will be up in that shop soon. Spreadshirt only allows a square in the middle of their products to be designs though, so I won't be able to add all of my designs there. Most are created to fit the entire product.

Okay, that's it for now! Hope you enjoy the designs and don't forget to tell me what you think!

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