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Beautiful steemit community, I want to share with you this rainbow that shines today in the sky of my city. It is wonderful and in consultation with its origin, I found that it is caused by suspended ice particles in the Troposphere that refract light generating a spectrum of colors around the Moon or the Sun. SPECTACULAR.


Hermosa comunidad de steemit, quiero compartirles este arcoiris que hoy resplandece en el cielo de mi ciudad. Es maravilloso y consultando su origen, me encontré que es causado por partículas de hielo en suspensión en la tropósfera que refractan la luz generando un espectro de colores alrededor de la Luna o el Sol. ESPECTACULAR.




This is a fairly new development. I do not remember seeing anything like this as a kid. This started happening round about the 90's. Our weather has been controlled for decades and it gets worse every decade.

you're right it's sad :(

Great photo:)

Thanks, beautiful.