Pastel Painting of "Halloween Face Painting" (step by step)

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Hello Guys!!!😘😘
Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!💀 😈
Here's a quick Painting I made for my little cousin this morning before rushing out. We don't celebrate Halloween here that much but I got alot of friends on steemit already in the Halloween mood. So I thought I'd share this with you guys☺️.
I did this painting with a charcoal pencil for the dark areas, smudger for blending and soft pastels for the painting.


First I made a sketch of my imaginative face using a pencil. This would guide me through using the charcoal and the soft pastel.


Using my charcoal pencil, I added darkness to some areas to show a dark paint


Since I was creating this for a 9 year old, I didn't want it to look too scary so I decided to create a colourful piece. I went all out on my colours😄😄 .

I used my smudger to blend the colours


Since this was just a quick painting, i had to make some quick scribbles for the hair and it didn't come out so bad.

So here's the completed painting. Not too scary right???😄. Yea, it wasn't meant to be too scary. I got a kiss on my cheek for this☺️.
Thank you guys for supporting and showing love for my art. It means alot to me. Stay safe guys and enjoy the rest of your day. Comments and Suggestions are highly welcomed☺️😘. Stay tuned for my finally inktober post later today. Ciao😘

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This is one of the best I've seen so far. Wow😮 honey. Your amazing.

Happy Halloween😻

Thanks alot dear😘.

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Looks like it could be a candy-corn monster. She turns all your candy loot into candy-corn!

😄😄😄😄...I got none left😄.. Thanks for checking this out dear😘

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