I finished my old art from over 10 years ago

in #art2 years ago (edited)

Hey friends,

Here is the video I mentioned in my last post! ♥️💃 I finished a super old sketch from over 10 years ago!

In this video I'm answering a lot of questions about self-improvement, check it out! 🍒

I really hope you like this artwork ♥️


Yeah! Cool idea to finish works, old works :D But I think that an old sketch could be scanned or photocopied, so that it would be memorized as it once was.

Or saved as a video hehe

from over 12-13 years ago?! WOW.
To be honest you were way better than I am still now :D
You could very well become a fashion designer. I wish my parents would let me enjoy anime like that haha
I really enjoyed this video.

Have you thought of uploading to dtube also? Since now you can share your youtube URL directly?

Thank you very much, I have already planned to upload videos to dtube. The only thing that bothers me is that there are a lot of plagiarisms and you can't really do much about it as an author, except to report it to Steemcleaners. But I will test it with some of my videos.

Hey @blind-spot I am curious what do you mean RE sharing youtube URL directly? Do you mean you can upload a video to dtube just by sharing the youtube url?

Yes. With the new update now you can either upload to dtube's IPFS, or just share your YouTube video's URL.
After you have claimed your dtube account, uploading to it is just 1 click away.

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That is awesome!

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Wow.... I dunno if I keep my sketches that long.... This one here still looks great though! 😃

Thank you very much, I have kept many sketches from before, mostly in sketchbooks, which makes keeping them easier

It worth the time spent... this is cool

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