Washi tape art | Goddess in the clouds 🌬️

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Hey friends! ✨
I can finally show you one of my newest pieces! It's a little remake/redraw of a Washi tape art I made last year which was sold before I could even scan it 😭 so I decided to give it another try.

I hope you like this version 🌸
24 (2).jpg

Prints and original artwork are now available in my Etsy shop:
The overall shop was updated yesterday, so there are new products, new photos and more!
Also check out my Patreon page, more support = more art 😁 https://patreon.com/Rambutan

23 (1).jpg

This Saturday there will be a new video on my YouTube channel. My Patrons have already seen the artwork, which is a full colored Copic piece and a redraw 🌈


Very pretty, @rambutan.art !!! Love the colours and ALWAYS, always love how you do the hair * ___ *

Thank you very much @veryspider, I love drawing hair, sometimes it's kind of relaxing (and sometimes it's a pain in the *** xD)

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wow thank you so much

i like a lot your artwork, what a delighful art!.

i like a lot your artwork, what a delighfowl art!.

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