Daily Sketch. Trying with action poses

in #art3 years ago

Hi everyone!

I decided to challenge myself drawing a bit more difficult poses. Personally, I feel uncomfortable doing facial expressions and doing action poses. They are hard to do for me. But If I wanna improve and be a good artist, I need to take risks haha.


This sketch It is not perfect, but you can understand whats happening (I hope you can haha)

This took me one and a half hour. I think it is good enough.

What do you think? Do you have any recommendation? Please let me know what you think :D

See you soon!


It's very pretty, Rebeca! Nice job! 😃

Hey! I'm glad as always that you like my artworks haha 😀

Nice, @rebeca.just20 :> Good arch with the back and I like the arms positions :>

Thanks! you're always so nice :D

Great Post 😆

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