Getting Better on Digital paiting (with images + GIF)

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Hi everyone!

I am really excited because today I am going to show you one of my favorites artworks :D

Sorry if I did not post recently. But I am working on some stuff for the future you may like :D

Portrait luiFinal.jpg

I do not know exactly how long this took me, but it was less than 19 hours (I am just sure of that) Maybe it was 10 hours of painting but idk hahaha.

I will try to explain a bit the process. But the most important I think that I needed to create this was: Patience.

It is been a while since I tried to be a good illustrator. Officially in 2016. But that is a long story that does not matter now haha. But I can tell you that I began to draw every day more than 1 month ago.

So that is why I think patience and constancy are veeery important if you want to make good art (and watch some tutorials on youtube if you want) :D

The Process

First, I make a quick sketch to help me guiding me in the process of painting. _In Photoshop, I modified the curves of the image to highlight (?) the lines that I will need.
Portrait lui.jpg

Then I just select lines using Color Range tool (I think that is the name in English D:). I use a grey background because I feel it better for my sight (personal preferences)
Portrait lui2.jpg

Now, I start to paint. I make each part (hair, eyes, skin, etc) on different layers. It makes more comfortable the process of painting.
Portrait lui3.jpg

When I feel the base is necessary to understand each part of the paint, I start to define details (shadows, highlights, eyes)
Portrait lui4.jpg

And the next: Patience hahaha

Portrait lui5.jpg
Portrait luiFinal.jpg

Here is a GIF, so you can see better how the process looks:

I hope you liked reading this post. If so, please leave me your opinion :D. I enjoy reading your comments.

See you soon!

PD: I almost forgot to say something important. This girl I painted is @ luisanazerpa You can find her on Instagram :D


Excellent artwork. I think this is as good, if not better than your previous work. Well done!

By the way, this post is much more complete than your previous. Nice of you to take the extra time to include the various stages of progress.

Some people recommended me to expend more time on my posts, and I think they are right.

I will try to make other works like this :D Thank you for always comment my post. I am really thankful.

This is very nice, @rebeca.just20 ! Love the colours, so rich and warm <3 The step by step is also presented nicely * ___ *

Oh cmon. Thank you ;-; Its so nice to know that you like it haha. (I need to improve my English to express myself better hahaha)

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Music and art are some of my favourite content on here. I love seeing stages. It helps others to grow, and the audience to appreciate and understand the artists work better. Thanks for a magnificent job.

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad that you like my post :D

And your welcome hahaha :D I'll try to post another soon

Hey :D I totally agree that patience and constancy are a big part of becoming an great artist or great at everything. Personally I am not a big fan of Photoshop, but everyone has her/his own favorite drawing progam, which differs quite a lot between the „artist/illustrator community“ :) Love how the hair and nose turned out at the end!! Keep that great work up! 😄

I wasn't interested in digital painting, but when I started to study illustration, I found using photoshop was quite fun. But you are right, there are a lot of tools for every taste and style :D

I am glad that you like my post :D Thank you!

Wow! This drawing look so realistic! You very talented artist!
I'll follow you, and I will be happy if you follow to my blog. I hope we will be friends;)

Of course! Your drawings are so cool 💕
And thanks for comment :D

This is really beautiful @rebeca.just20!! 💙🎨
Upvotes your way!!

Thank you very much!
I appreciate it :D

Guau this picture is amazing great talent do you hace.

Qué bueno que te haya gustado :D jaja

A detailed process! I love her eyes and those hairs that aren't laying down. It makes her look more real.. Patience definitely is important.

I thing small details makes the difference in a illustration haha.
Thank you for your comment :D I'm glad that you like my post.

Yeah, they do!

Nice work! I hope to see more of your artwork! :)

What an interesting picture. I like that this girl has a quiet expression, I'm not really sure what she is thinking or feeling but the mystery makes it even more captivating, at least for me ^^.          
Well done on your art, and congratulations for your curie :).          

Yes. I have to admit the photo is good. That's why I decided draw it :D. The light works really well because it makes a kind of focus on her left eye and her hair.

I'm glad you like it :D 💕

Great to see the development of the pictures, step by step. I like it very much.

I have no talent for this, so thanks for sharing.

See you also soon!✌️😀

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You should try drawing because... Why not? Hahaha

It's nice to know that you like it :D

I love ❤ it's beautiful w

Thanks ;-;💕

Absolutely stunning!! I love the process you've included as well...very thorough :) I love her eyes and the little wisps of hair. Imperfectly perfect :)

Thank you! :D
I think those small details makes it better looking
I'm glad you like it 💕

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Ok. I did not except something like this haha
Thanks for your support! :D

It's well deserved! Congratulations! 😄

Very expressive, lovely lighting.

It would make a great oil painting.

While I was painting it I thought that too :D it'd be interesting to learn how to use oil 💕

And thank you! :D

Oil is the king of painting techniques - totally magical. If you do decide to learn oil painting, try to find a really good teacher. It is almost impossible to learn good technique without real guidance from a highly experienced painter.

An incredible job I would like to learn to paint in this way, the truth is I am bad for painting but I am good at drawing.

Hola @marimoon! Si te interesa aprender a pintar, te recomendaría que veas un poco sobre la teoría del color. A mí en lo personal me ayudó un montón para empezar a aplicar color a mis ilustraciones. Cualquier duda puedes preguntarme :D

Gracias por tu comentario 💕

Wow - you are so talented. Such beautiful artwork. I love the details of the hair. THanks for sharing the process as well.

This is indeed an amazing work. Perhaps you should check out knacksteem. A home for you to share things you are passionate about.

Thanks! I'll check it out :D

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