I am back with... Digital Portrait!

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Hi everyone!

It is been a month (I think) since I started to draw daily small sketches to practice constantly because I decided to see how fast I could improve.

I focused on human anatomy and digital painting, and I think I am getting better! haha
The main reason I want to get better is I started to work as Illustrator and I noticed that I am not so good as I thought. I have so many things to learn...

Here is a digital portrait to show you that I am practicing. haha

portrait ferFinal.jpg
This is a gift for @ fernartwork. You can follow him on Instagram (He is an illustrator :D)

I hope you like my work. If you have any opinion, please let me know it in the comments :D

See you soon!


It's always good to practice in areas where we find ourselves lacking. Plus the practice result turns out pretty good, so I think you should practice more often, Rebeca :).

I'll try it. Thanks :D 💕

Hi @rebeca.just20, as you know @trincowski featured you in this week's @pifc's Pay It Forward contest.

Very nicely done. Looks like you've gotten some great advice from some of the better known artists on the platorm. That is awesome. I don't draw (everything looks like cartoon characters, except for my trees) I try to spend time painting. I find that when we practice we're not so hard on ourselves and not afraid of mistakes. It's that carefree attitude and love of what you do that makes even a practice piece like this wonderful. You learn from each one. Keep up the great work.

When I'm painting portraits like this one, I don't care much what colors I use. I just try to put a lot of colors that I feel can work haha. Maybe that's why I feel in some way free (?) Idk
Thanks for your comment. I like reading this kind of opinions :D

What an amazing and realistic portrait painting! Phenomenal job, Rebeca!

Thanks! @trinconwski
I'll paint two more like this :D

Hello again, Rebeca!

I've featured your artwork in My entry to the "Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 21"

I hope you gain some new followers!

:D I saw it
I'm very thankful
And I will post other digital painting. And I have to say that I'm proud with the result hahaha

Thank you for your support 💕

This is such a great job @rebeca.just20! I'm one of the judges in the contest and I'm so happy that @trincowski picked your post to feature. You should consider joining us next week with an entry of your own :)

How can I join? :o I am a bit lost hahaha

And thanks! :D

I think you are extremely good. The image looks so lifelike especially the hair in the beard. The eyes are very expressive as well.
I found you because you were featured by @trinconwski in the Pay It Forward curation challenge this week.

Thanks! I will try to keep the good work and get better :D

Holaaa te felicito esta bonito, si te animarías a hacer un post juntos¿

Suena bien :D Deberíamos hablar sobre eso

Por supuestooo mira si quieres me agregas a la discord y vemos que hacemos.

i like you drawing, try to wok more on the values of your peice it will bring more realism to it, but i really love your style <3 can't wait to see more of your work!

Thanks! Could you recommend me something to read or tutorials can guide me? That would be very helpful :D

yeaah ofcourse check this youtube channel im really inspired by it https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGgpthBWDbFX2GSljMw-MdQ

btw its not mine and i don't promote anything it just a very good source of information enjoy <3

🎉 Congratulations @rebeca.just20! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

Nicely done you have got amazing talent. As a mixed media artist I have tried so many times to work on digital art as I can see so many possibilities with it, but I really suck at digital art...

P.S. I found your blog through @trincowskicuration blog for @picf

Yes! There are so many things you can do with those programs. I need to learn a lot, but I'm glad that you like what I do :D
Maybe I should make some small videos explaining how I use Photoshop to make illustration :D (So I can practice my speaking haha)

Thanks for your comment 💕

Oh Wow... A video would be amazing.. You can try Dtube or Dlive for posting your video..

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Nicely done digital art.

I found your blog because @trincowski featured your blog in the PIFC.

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whooowww best, color is fun

Haha thanks! :D

Beautiful eyes.....

Beautiful portrait, @rebeca.just20 ! Love the colours, so solid and rich <3 and the eyes are very nice and expressive <3 I like this !

Thank you :D maybe I should do a giveaway (?) Haha

great job @rebeca.just20, I didn't know anything about painting or digital art, but enjoy the result of illustrators art work.. and I found something weird.. sorry to tell you this, the point finger on the beard, don't you think you should add some finger wrinkles or.. what do you call it for the joint part of the a finger? but over all... I like your gift ;)

You're right. May I should made some shadow to represent what you say (I don't know the name either haha) I'll be more careful the next time

Thanks for your opinion 💕 And I'm glad you like my post :D

I love your work! I think this level of artwork is amazing, but it seems all that much harder in digital. Great work - keep it up!
I found your post through @trincowski's pay-it-forward curation contest entry.

Thanks :D I'm glad that you like it. It's a bit hard, but I still try to make good art to show it to everyone haha 💕

At first I thought the painting is a self-portrait but then I double-checked your account and it is of a lady! Well, that is just another proof that great photos are noticed first than text (like your username). Which means your drawing is very good. It looks alive.

I just noticed the index finger looks cut instead of curled. Maybe you can retouch a bit to show that it is curled around the beard? Or maybe, it is just my strained eyes talking? 😊

Yeah I need to fix some details on my future artworks (like the finger)
And even the photos are noticed first, I need to improve my redaction skills too.
Ah.. A lot of things to learn hahaha

Thanks for your comment :D

Thank you for taking my feedback positively and as how it is intended to be.

You're welcome. 😊

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