My Daily Practice of the Human Anatomy

in #art3 years ago

Hi every one!

It's early in the morning here and I decided to post other quick sketch on steemit.


I really like drawing the lights and shadows. It makes me feel relaxed I don't know why haha.

I hope you like my work. If so, please upvote, resteem, follow me or leave me a comment about what you think (I enjoy reading your comments)

Now I gotta go to work

See you!


te recomiendo andrew loomis ese libro es bueno

Gracias por la recomendación :D
Le echaré un ojo 👀

Beautiful work, @rebeca.just20! Lovely shapes and details! 😉

Thanks! :D I'm really grateful for your comments
I'll try to post other soon 💪

Another nice one, @rebeca.just20! You seem to be getting more comfortable in your lines :>

😳 Haha
Thanks. It's fun drawing bodies :D

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