My Daily Practice (With Video Soon)

in #art3 years ago

Hi every one!

I am trying very hard to practice every day my art skills. And I wanna show you my process and what I do to get better.

Today I made I quick sketch on photoshop of a body. It toke me about 30 minutes. And I think I need to get faster.

Sketch 3.jpg

Maybe I have to change something in how I draw. I do not know.

If someone can give me any recommendation it will nice and helpful :D

Oh. I will post a video of the process soon haha. It is slowly uploading :(

I hope you like it. If so, please upvote, resteem, follow me or comment something about what you think of my artworks :D

See you!


Good work! Perspective and blending :)

Thank you! @odrau
It's nice to know that you like it :D

I think you are doing well, a 30 minutes for this is not bad at all ! You should keep doing these and as many as you can and you'll get faster and you'll get better with time :D

I like the posture of his back here, and the way his arms are pulling at his pants is solid and convincing :> good work, @rebeca.just20!

This was really hard. I rarely draw the back of bodies D:
And thanks! :D @veryspider you're right. Constancy is important

For being a 30 minutes sketch it was very well done :D
about the back i think the scapula looks kinda of off (they are not usually that short and round, they are more like triangles facing down)


For the rest it looks cool :)

Good eye, more over, extrusion of the bones is relative to shoulder position and certain back muscles. In this case they are a little too winged out relative to shoulders. That being said a lot of people have muscular imbalances these days because of sedentary lifestyles (computers, tablets, cellphones.) Which leads to forward head/ shoulders and winged scapula.

Tienes razón @edanya
Pero esos serían los músculos que cubren la escápula y ocurría lo mismo que ocurre con los bíceps. Cuando los presionas, se "inflan" por la posición en que están los brazos.
Aún así tengo mucho que mejorar. Gracias por tu comentario 💕

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Excellent work! I love the style you've chosen!

Thanks! @trincowski 💕 I'll post other sketches like this soon 😀

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