Paiting a Portrait #5 + GIF (The last one)

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I am back with other painting and it will be the end of these series of sketches.

Personally, I really had fun doing this portraits, and it is satisfactory to see a good process. I know I have to keep practicing a lot. So maybe it would be good to do something similar again.

Here is The last one haha

Sin título-10.jpg

And as always, I will leave a GIF with step by step pictures:


For this week, I'll post some anatomy studies.

If you like what I do, please upvote, resteem, follow or comment :D It will help me a lot to stay posting illustrations

See you soon!


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aah i like this one, @rebeca.just20 ! the skin tone is well done, and the lineart is nice, also <3 that background colour really complements the portrait, as well !

Thank you @veryspider :D
For me, she looks so calm. That's why I chose those colours 💕

She is very beautiful e.e I love the way you painted it

Right? Hahaha
I'm trying with differents techniques to see with Wich one I feel more comfortable :D

Acabo de notar que puedo hablarte en español xD
Eso siempre es bueno de vez en cuando, así encuentras tu propio estilo :3

Pasa mucho que empiezas a hablar con alguien en inglés cuando perfectamente podrían estar hablando en español jajaja xD
Exactamente en eso estoy, intentando conseguir mi estilo :D

Yo también xD especialmente en cuanto a como plicar el color, pero he encontrado varias formas distintas y me gustan todas, así que al final termino haciendo de todo en un sólo dibujo :v

Chic article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

Really love the coloring.

Thanks! :D
I'm glad you like it 💕

Yes please keep posting!

I like her face, she seems so kind, like she is ready to help me with my complicated problem, perhaps she is an architect ready to draw up plans to my new sustainable multi-unit housing complex!

That was very creative from your part haha :D
Now I'm going to focus on body's anatomy to try to create some complicated characters 💕

Fantastic! I always have trouble with the body, the shoulders and hand, hips and knees, sometimes the feet if there are no shoes on, these are the parts of the body that always give me trouble. I look forward to seeing your new posts!

Me gustó mucho tu ilustración, saludos. Espero ver más de tu trabajo.

Gracias!💕 Trataré de publicar mis trabajos constantemente :D

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