Practicing Human Anatomy (Should I post videos?)

in #art3 years ago


Today I am going to start my practices about human anatomy


It is been a while since I had drawn bodies, that is why I decided to draw some fast sketches. They are made in photoshop because for now I do not have a sketchbook :( But I will buy it soon (I hope haha)

Here are the sketches. First, I made the lines in one layer, then I paint it with one color in different tones.

Sketch 1.jpg

Sketch 2.jpg

With this, I am trying to understand better the gesture. It is really important to make a good drawing :D

If you like it, please upvote, resteem, follow me or comment something :D I will really appreciate it.

See you soon!


Very good practice pieces, @rebeca.just20 ! I think you definitely are grasping the nature of how human anatomy comes together, and also how they look like when they are moving about ! Good pictures !!!

Also, I think video would be interesting to see :D

I wanna show how I draw human anatomy. It'll be interesting to see how people would react.
And thanks @veryspider 💕

Yes, you should post videos because your art work is amazing!

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What a brutal artwork! Incredible details! Very well done! 😎

I'm glad you like it :D

These are great...your drawing style is awesome. Look forward to more of your work...

Thanks! It's nice to know that you like my work :D

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