Should I keep posting this kind of sketches?

in #art3 years ago (edited)

Hi everyone!

After so long (like 2 days) I'm back with another sketch about human anatomy.


I like this one. Even this took me more time than usual, It was worth it.

I wanna draw more sketches like this. But I don't know if you guys prefer that I draw another things.

Please leave me your opinion in the comments :D

See you soon!


These sketches are cool but I think you should talk a little bit more about them, you know? explain what pose inspired you or what this is based on!

Tienes razón
Debería hablar más sobre lo que hago
Lo haré cuando empiece a hacer piezas más propias. Estos dibujos los estoy haciendo principalmente para practicar.
Gracias por tu recomendación :D 💕

Siempre puedes poner un pequeño backstory tipo historia o también puedes hablar sobre cómo se te ocurrió esta pose! De verdad que están súper geniales!

Buena idea :o
No son poses propias D: son hechas con referencias. Debería aclarar eso para los próximos post 😅

I like it but if you are good at other stuff, go for it! 😃

Thanks for your comment :D I'll keep studying anatomy :D

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i like this one, @rebeca.just20 :> action poses are very cool~

Yeah it was fun to draw it
I should do more sketches like this one
Thanks @veryspider

I love it :D

Haha thanks!

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