Maybe Not Creative: Powering Up Because I Want This Community to Live On!

in #art10 months ago

There's a lot going on in the world of Steem these days!

A lot of the big "Movers and Shakers" of the community are doing battle to try to keep — as best I can tell — our little community from becoming a smear on the road of history.

Although coming up on its third anniversary, this is still a very small and largely unknown and unnoticed blog. When "Big Things" like the current situation happen, it's pretty easy to just feel like a powerless bystander in a very big game.

But, based on the many appeals I have seen — AND the fact that I am very fond of this creative community — I have done the very small thing I can do: Powered up whatever liquid Steem was here, as a (at least symbolic) show of support for the witnesses who are working to try to keep this place from falling apart.


I hope the good fight they are fighting succeeds, because I would really miss having this place to share occasional musings about the world of art and being an artist!

At one time, I had quite a bit of hope that this could be a place for artists and creatives to gain exposure to a wider and alternative audience, different from conventional social media. Maybe even earn a few extra dollars as a result of showcasing our art.

That vision has been slow in coming, but I try to remain hopeful, all the same. And hopeful that one day we may *yet see a decentralized peer-to-peer art marketplace here.

For now, I just hope the current "battle" results in a fair outcome.

Thanks for reading... and if you can **power up and remember to vote for "our" witnesses, even if you don't have a very large account!


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