Third Anniversary and First Anniversary

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I missed the fact that a few days ago marked our Third Anniversary of starting this blog on Steemit (as we called it in 1997).

In a strange twist, we are also right at the point that marks the One Year Mark from when we had to shut down the brick-and-mortar store that was the Red Dragonfly Gallery.

Interior shot from the Red Dragonfly during better days!

That these dates fall so close together is a rather bittersweet "blessing."

Unfortunately, this little blog has been somewhat neglected and overlooked since the gallery closed... after all, we ran out of material to publish about our daily comings and goings and experiences from the art world.

It was our intention to try to keep "something" going as an online business, but that has really not turned into much of anything.

Of course, there is another layer of "blessing within sadness" here, in the sense that had we NOT already closed the gallery in late June of last year, the lockdown associated with the Coronavirus would have dealt our little store the "death blow," regardless.

Endless Landscape

Which all goes to show that some things perhaps are just not meant to be! No hard feelings, though... now it is back to the drawing board, to consider whether or not there is reason to kick some life back into this... just as a "random" art and creativity related blog.

But for now, this is just a quick milestone to observe the passing of a couple of anniversary dates.

Thanks for reading... if anyone still is!



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