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RE: happy #Caturday my dears !Joyeux Chamedi ! [ENG-FR]

in #art3 years ago

What a fancy kitty we have here! Amazibg piece of art, my dear. Your creativity has no limits. 🙂


I'm happy you enjoy it my dear ;-) It's a piece I have made last year and have already shown at this moment, but I consider showing a lot of my paintings again, as the audience is much larger than last year and always new people so i thought it would not be bad to show some art again ;-)
Thanks for your comment and have a wonderful week-end @roxycat ^_^

Sharing your beautiful creations again is a great idea. More steemians can enjoy these cool drawings.
Have a great weekend, my dear!

Thank you my dear and a beautiful sunday to you also ! ^_^

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