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I have found that as I paint, I am drawn to the colder color spectrum. Blues, purples, greens. These are my absolute favorite. I even find it more difficult to use the other colors like your oranges, yellow and pink hues. I often look at pieces that encompass all the colors of the spectrum and admire the beauty of mixing and balancing them together. It is not easy to do. I don't think people understand how easy it is for colors to clash or go muddy if used incorrectly. I make it a personal challenge to use more color these days as I develop myself as an artist. I wonder if personality traits are linked to color preferences as well? Interesting thought which I'm sure has been studied well before and worth looking into. But for now I will continue my path of personal colour exploration but remain in a love for the calming sea blues.

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That turtle is gorgeous! And so are the blues.

Thank you

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