Hands That Give Life - Watercolor Painting and Process

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Hi Steemit Family!

They invited me to participate in an exhibition that will take place near where I live.

I am very excited, Wednesday was the delivery of works and Saturday was the exhibition.

Everything happened so fast, and all week I was very busy running there and here.

They showed me the space where my work would go, and I realized that with the work I had I could not fill that wall, at the last minute I had to make a painting.

I wanted it to be something significant, something that could fit other generations and what more than knowledge?


After taking the reference photo I made a pencil sketch, as you can see I omitted the bodies


It was not easy, from the beginning I received criticism that more than demotivating were really strange, people did not capture what I was painting


I started with Grandma's hands. In my drawing you can see the hands of an adult who holds, those of a girl and in turn take care of a plant that is very young


So part by part I went painting and putting a soft layer and then adding details

I was so happy with the result that I finally placed it in the front row, at the top of my exhibition wall


A big hug for everyone ;)

My Steemit

See you soon ;)


really well done :)

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