FINAL Tell me what to draw (WIN SBD

in #art4 years ago

THE WINNER TODAY IS @aceofthegrove !

with his suggestion of:

"Draw two homeless people having a "dumpster rumble" over a day old pizza."

With 10 votes, 8 comments, and $1.85 in pending payout.
This suggestion had a TON of comments and interaction, this is exactly what I love to see. People connecting

dumpster rumble.jpg

This is going to be the last Tell me what to draw contest for a while. I have a lot of other art I want to work on, and a lot of posts backed up in my brain. Drawing this was pretty funny. I spent a lot of time on it, as I have been trying to push my digital skills further. These bi-daily contests have definitely tested my skills with this new form of media, and I will enjoy using it more.

Some Process Shots:

Screenshot (1).png

Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (5).png

Now for the last time for a while.... Tell me what to draw!

Whats in it for you?
A. You should get some votes on your comment
B. I will give you a shout out for giving me the idea
C. For coming up with the idea I will give you 25% of the SBD's generated by your idea's post.

1.Write a comment telling me what to draw in my next post

2.Vote on some other comments

3.TRY to keep it SFW... try

4.Self votes will not be added to your tally.

5.The most popular comment after 2 days will win.
Popular means has votes, dollar amount, comments, interaction.
All factors will be taken into consideration

obvious vote pools, or manipulation will no longer be accepted just because it has "more votes" or a "higher dollar amount"



Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, draw the book man! make it come to life!

PS. for those who have no idea what I'm talking about I want him to draw his favorite book pouring out of itself and coming to life

Considering his favorite book is Everything Poops I endorse this.

This may be more than I bargained for.... Guess we're all... Shit outta luck

Draw a dog realizing he's been the goodest boy all along and will always be the goodest boy.

Draw a guy setting fire to an office and yelling "No, you're fired"

I highly endorse this product or service.

Draw dignity.

how about a grandma and grandpa gardening frog monsters?
and if you do draw that would you please make them look pretty cheerful and happy ? Thank you!

Draw a Dwarf beating the hell out of an elf :D

I'm imagining this would look a lot like a Dwarf Fortress combat log, and it is glorious.

Let’s tackle our environmental issues here and to spread awareness: draw a whale dead on a seashore because of eating garbages.

And my vote goes to... Taraa!

Thank you @tezmel. I’ve been in steemit for quite awhile now and I have never seen anyone being intrested that much about our environment. And as an environmental engineering student and advocate of the protection of mother nature, maybe it’s time to give her the attention she deserves and spread awareness about her sufferings and sacrifices for all of us.

Most welcome! Mother nature is us and if we don't take care of us, who will? :)

Draw two monsters holding hands, but one of them has a ball gag in his mouth wearing a gimp mask and the other is holding a riding crop whip. I have to thank @erodedthoughts for his help in thinking this heart warming idea up as well.

Draw a jobless man and a steemian bloging

Yeah, will be a great idea, showing how steem empowers people

Yeah, lets look up to this

@samiwhyte nice idea to draw, I hope to see it next week

I believe it will be drawn next week, but that's if I win the contest

That's a great drawing idea, I will love to see a jobless nigga and a steemit nigga in drawing

Yeah @kandylopez
The jobless nigga and the fun catching steemian

Heheheheeheehe, nice one.. Two very contrasting elements in one photo

I will be drawing this when I get a chance, sorry for late reply!

ok thanks
Does that mean I won the contest?

One more time.................How about The Dollar Vigilante riding a unicorn chasing the banksters throwing ripple and other shitcoins at them

Okay, I will finally vote for this, lol.

Draw a savage barbarian kitten swinging an axe and which is surrounded by attacking vegetables of various types.
Barbarian Kitten.jpg

Draw the steemSTEM musketeers that will be meeting up at CERN soon :)

Wow liked your post .. happy reading it .... really amazing .... thank you for sharing a good day.

Do you even read posts before comenting the same sentence that you just copied on them?

Valid question!

Draw an art showing the situation faced by the Syrians in their country.

Yay! At least one more for now, these are really fun and I'll look forward to their return! I better make this one count...

What about Yoda and Spock shooting the shit?

Live long, prosper and may the force be with you amigo!

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HAHAHAHA i want to play the game now!!! A bunch of dust and dirt effects and two completely out of shape people fighting to the death.... now that's entertainment!!!!

Draw Jerry as a dick since @kryptik can not pull him off well enough.

See what I did there?

Bad Flag!


Hey what are you @grumpycat or something?

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