Flyers and Video Flyers for Upcoming Gigs

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Flyers and Video Flyers I made for my upcoming shows with my music project Temple ov Saturn.

Flyer for 10/22/18 at H0L0 from Joan Pope on Vimeo.

Video Flyers:

Flyer for 10/27/18 at Hart Bar from Joan Pope on Vimeo.

Flyer for 11/2/18 at Refuge Arts from Joan Pope on Vimeo.


h0l0 updated time temple ov saturn.jpg

hart bar oct 27 flyer.jpg

hart bar 10:27 flyer by temple ov saturn.JPG

shadowplay flyer renu gnostic tapes temple ov saturn 1.jpg

shadowplay flyer renu the gnostic tapes temple ov saturn.jpg

upcoming flyer october temple ov saturn shows nyc.jpg

october shows flyer temple ov saturn.jpg

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