Aaah, yes! A new lesson! Kumo has been waiting for such beautiful video, @shibasaki-sensei! <3

I think there will be a lot of aspiring artists that will be inspired by jiichan's talents, ne :D

Maybe we can start an art class here at Steemit, with jiichan as sensei ... we can help people to study art and become artists! :D :D :D

Beautiful picture, ojiichan <3 Kumo will sure to try to do this lesson soon <3

Kumo-chaaaaaan!! Thank you as always~ :D

Yes!!! we can start an art class here at Steemit!
I will work for ‘Steemit Art Class’!
Let’s enjoy the art together!!! :D

Let me know if you need any help with this, I think it’s a grand idea!


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utsukushi hana ❤

@helpiecake, @helpie Thank you for the support!
I love the cake~~~❤️❤️❤️

Great job mate! :))
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and creativity. Respect! 🙌🙌

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@doze, it’s my pleasure!
Thank you soooo much!!! :D :D :D

Greetings master @shibaski, I admire your work a lot, which I discovered thanks to @veryspider, your tutorial videos are excellent to learn to draw, I liked them a lot!

Hi @joaquinhd, Thank you~~~!!!!!!!
I saw your palm tree!! :D I LIKE it!!! :D

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@bidesign!! Thank you~~~ arigato!!! :D :D :D

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wow, such a beautiful watercolor! Thanks so much for this lesson, it's a lot of time I don't use my watercolors and I'm feeling the need to use them again ^_^

Hi @silviabeneforti :) it’s my pleasure :D
Let’ try the watercolor again if you have a time~!! :)

I love your tutorial, I think I will buy my first watercolour and start painting with you.

@anaerwu, Thank you~ :)
wooow let’s enjoy watercolor painting together!! :D

I love the way you make watercolour painting look so accessible to even beginners Shibasaki. A beautiful talent for an artist and teacher to have. If Grandfather Time can be kind to me, I would like to try to paint a simple flower like this too. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Woooooow! ❤️Ally-chan!!!! How are you?
Thank you sooooo much! Arigato~~~
Ally-chan, let’s enjoy watercolor painting together!! :D

Thank you very much for bring this Mr. Shibasaki, I tried and didn't nailed it heheee 😆, but overall the tutorial is so well explained, even reading the english subtitles. I'll try again with the other videos :)

Hi @faffy! :) hehe okay, please try again!!! :D
Thank you for watching my video!!! :D

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OMG your work is amazing! You are the best sensei ever 😍😆. Now I want to follow your lessons to learn watercolor, you make it easier and that's really nice 🌻 (I want to learn Japanese too, it's a beautiful language )
Please continue bring us your beautiful knowledge :33 @shibasaki-sensei.

@marylucy, Thank you soooooooo much! :D
Again.... thank you for your kind words~~ :)

Oh sensei, your voice is so soothing. You are helping me learn Japanese little by little
Here is what I came up with for the lesson.


Woooow! I really love your marguerites!!!
@edouard, keep up the good work!!! :D :D :D

Oh, how wonderful!!! I had no idea I could learn how to do watercolor here on steemit!!! Thank you so much @Shibasaki!!

You have taken the mystery out of how the colors blend so nicely and there is a purpose behind each stroke. Your granddaughters did a wonderful job!

Thank you for the wonderful post!

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