Laundry Day

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Hello creative community,

Here is drawing number 03 for the My Weekend drawing prompt. This is a mother mouse character doing the laundry. That is how she usually spends her weekend. Can you relate? Well for me, that is how my mom usual day on a weekend is. She is busy preparing for the coming new week. Not only about the laundry but everything the family needs.

These are some of the work in progress photos:

I had to add a mom figure to the series because the two previous characters are both male. One is a father character and the other one is a son.

Despite her busy day this mouse still looks cute on this line drawing. That is a challenge in itself.

The color palette is from the previous series of mouse characters that I called Picnic Time. This is to keep the look consistent all throughout the challenge drawings.

To finish the character I added the shadows and highlights last. Hope you like it.

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