The Minor Arcana XLIX, " Ace of Cups"

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Grail, mystery, purpose and means.
The end of the physical journey and the beginning of the spiritual path.

Paper for drawings, pencil HB, gel pen. 30x40cm






Huge gratitude to those who support my work, with comments and advice!
Without your support, it would be very difficult.

Special thanks: @nyarlathotep, @paradigmprospect, @haedre, @amandarichards, @patschwork, @katharsisdrill and @steemittarot!



Awesome amount of detail and you only use a HB pencil and a gel pen, crazy. Thanks for sharing :) Upvote!

Thank you! In fact, it is not very difficult;)

Holy crap that is some intense cross stitching!
I thought this post was going to be about tarot, then I realized you drew that and my brain almost fell out.
When you finish this deck I hope you plan on putting it to print, I'll be the first to buy, followed by my friends.

Excellent. Great artwork.
I love the occult /esoteric /alchemy symbolism.
Keep up the good work 👍😊❤️

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Very impressive, Siberian Huskey! You are doing a big job.

Thank you, ! I will try and continue to not disappoint;)

Gorgeous drawing. I love cups.

Thank you! I'll try to insert them periodically;)

I really like your work and have since I first joined steemit. What made you focus on tarot cards? Are you basing your drawings on any particular deck or creating your own?

Oh, that's a difficult question. I do not remember exactly, it was too long ago it was.
Most likely the interest in the subject of Tarot arose after
acquaintance with the Amber cycle of Roger Zelazny.
No, nothing concrete, order and names are the most traditional, and the rest is from the head.

Кубок огня?! Кстати, сейчас другой кубок актуален, может его стоит запечатлеть на память? )

Нее просто с жестяной подсветкой..
Это какой?

так чемпионата мира, какой еще? ;)

Ааа.... на мой вкус значимость этого довольно сиюминутного мероприятия сильно переоценена, на несколько порядков примерно.

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beautiful work, siberian huski !!!!!! i love your style so much <3 the way you work with details and textures are just superb <3 <3

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