State of the Sndbox Thumbnail Competition [August Winners]

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Thank You Artists of Steemit!

Last week, we opened up our 12th competition round of the State of the Sndbox Thumbnail competition. All Steemians were invited to compete for voting prizes and the winner would have their entry used as the cover of our August newsletters.

We received dozens of fantastic entries and we’re excited to show them off to you-

First Place @gabynnette [100% Upvote]

Congrats to @gabynnette for the winning entry! Wonderful competition with a flair of typographic design as well! A fresh new take on the Sndbox palette and energy.

Read the original post here.

Second Place @katalinaooma [50% Upvote]

Congrats to @katalinaooma! Almost straight out of a magazine with one of the more vivid entries this time around.

Read the original post here.

Third - Fifth Place [20% Upvote]

Congrats to @dunsky.

Read the original post here.

Congrats to @ggcarlosr

Read the original post here.

Congrats to @teneresa.

Read the original post here.

Honorable Mentions

Thank you @midlet!

Read the original post here.

Thank you @mbell!

Read the original post here.

Thank you @mochanoz!

Read the original post here.

Thank You Everyone!

We have had some incredible entries for our August Thumbnail Competition. A big congratulations to @gabynnette for the winning entry and an every bigger thank you to everyone who submitted. Stay tuned for next month!

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@sndbox guys, am I supposed to get 20% upvote? I only got 1% from you buy the post is already payed out... P.S. Upvoted for visibility.

Hey @dunsky! We apologize for the confusion and we just realized what happened. The @creativecrypto curation voted on your post and the @sndbox trailed it automatically. Voting 20% on this comment in accordance to prizes. Thanks for letting us know!

@sndbox I got it, thank you so much! ❤️

Thanks for the opportunity, it's my second participation, I did not expect it, thanks @sndbox

Congratulations @gabynnette! Your work was stunning, beautiful design. Thanks again for participating and sharing your craft with us :)

Congrats, @gabynnette! Truly a great design! ^.^

Thank you @sndbox again for the opportunity you give us designers, congratulations to the winner @gabynnette.

Congrats to the winner! And thank you for the honorable mention!

Wow! Thanks a lot!

Wow.. amazing submission @gabynnete. I knew it, you will win this contest @katalinaooma bro @dunsky :D. Congrat for great designer @teneresa @ggcarlosr @midlet @mbell @mochanoz your design really cool.

Woohoo, congratulate to @gabynnette - my personal favorite alongside with @dunsky and @midlet! ^.^ Amazing entries! ^.^
And thank you so much @sndbox for choosing my entry as one of the winners! It's such honor and pleasure to take part in your contests. Thanks to them I'm challenging myself and improving as a designer. ^.^
Congratulations to all winners and Honorable Mentions! It was really a great contest this month.

Thank you for honorable mentions @sndbox it's my first participation ... Congratulation @gabynnette for first place, beautiful design ...

Hurray! Didn't expect to win anything here but nice to feel some honour, haha! 1st place is really cool submission from @gabynnete really deserves that!
Congratulations to all the winners and to myself!

HEHE :) Congratz dear
Its really hard to choose from awesome entries
But sndbox have to........

Thanks a lot! Completely agree!

Thanks, @dunsky! ^.^
Congrats to you too! ^.^

Congratulation to all of the winners

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Congratulation to the Winners
I am not a professional but I will try my best next time

It is a beautiful graphic art

Thanks for sharing your [email protected] sir..

This design and art is very beautiful. I like it this good art.give me a upvote done sir.. best of luck..

Congrats :)

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

Nice post
for sporting me vote &comment thanks