A Journey Across Steemit through Art and Poetry

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This post is a lighthearted take on some of the concepts behind Steemit portrayed through art and poetry. There are a few reasons why I wanted to do a post like this. Steemit has been a great place to hone my creativity through collaboration with the awesome art community here. So, I thought I could make steemit the theme behind some art. I also have an odd penchant for making words rhyme. That's what I really mean when I say poetry. There's something about rhyming words that make text more appealing. Joining steemit has a steep learning curve. I remember how lost I was when I first got here. There's a ton of useful information rich posts that helped me out, but they can be intimidating to deal with initially. I wanted to convey some of what I've learnt here through a less serious tone. Poetry than can be considered rap if laid over a beat is a great way of expressing something that perhaps makes it more memorable without feeling like a difficult read. Rap used to mean rhythym and poetry. You got dope beats, but where the poets be? See what I mean? How a rhyme scheme sweet as ice cream, excites me, with a flow I'm really diggin'. So enough with the fluff.

Let the journey begin.


Block chain is the name of a way
to stay away from the main frame
and the game that it's playin'.

The control of one comes
to the hands of lots more.
Distributed ledgers
as a better way to keep score.

Careful though of what you add to this firmament
‎cause anything you say or do is likely to be permanent.
It's sent,
but to delete is a feat
like getting glue back in a tube.
I'm betting any hack can't do.

True, its all transparent.
You can be anonymous, but tracks are still apparent.

But where the fire is, we put it out as community.
If hackers have the virus then we all have immunity.




Notice for a fact that banks have control with just one vision.
Know this, your motives don't matta to the mission.
When told to do this or that you gotta listen
with some inhibitions, the victim of the system.

This story looks like it no longer is true though.
History books will show us stronger, and how we broke through, yo.
Few bits of code on a block chain,
it's the new gold, gone's the stock age.

The current scene is in cryptocurrency.
What it means is that we are independently
making money, valued from the streets by the people.
Taking power from elite and giving to the feeble.


| via Pixabay |


Look at this site, isn't it nice
that you can write to your hearts delight,
free from any censorship.
Gee whiz, gonna get my shizz sorted , and some pens equipped.

And you even get paid for what you have to say,
Hey! sign me up today.
I believe in this, meaning it's
A dream innit, to be steeming it.



Welcome , you've made it to this pond, but what are you to do?
When your voice isn't strong and no one follows you.
So much to learn, different terms.
Burning with doubts. Turning gears in your head,
how will you figure this out?
To let it sink in, begin with the FAQ.
The answers you can use in pursuit of steemit news.


First introduce yourself to the mob.
What kinda stuff will you produce on your blog?
Do a post that will let them know,
where you come from and where you're gonna go.

It's always nice to be able to get cash in,
but remember to post with some passion.
Come for the votes, stay for the folks
Who support you and the stuff you wrote.

Stick true to the values
that you find within you,
then you can begin to
find the right tribe
as you're living life bright.


Be consistent and original and I'm sure you'll see
they're the ingredients that are keys to succeed

And sometimes if it feels like you just aren't winning.
Don't give up hope, you'll stay afloat if you



See those Steem Dollars, holla if you know what I mean.
They're meant for spending now in the current crypto scene.
They're meant to match fiat, but their value could rise swiftly
If more than one USD, split your rewards 50-50.

Steem is an investment for later,
that if powered up makes your vote values greater.
Steem Power gives you influence on the platform.
Invest in this hands on to transform to grand forms.
From little minnow to a whale.
This is where its at if you want to prevail
in the future and be great .
Collect SP now before it's too late.


| via Giphy |

And now from some rhymes from the ugly side.
Sometimes we get derailed on this steemit ride.


| via Wikimedia Commons |


The shit posts that hit most
feeds need to be gone cause this course
shouldn't be how we roll,
cause we look bad as a whole.

Nip it in the bud before it turns ripe
For dissent. This sentiment feels right.
So bring paper to butt, and then wipe.
This tripe will vanish and be crushed
if the shit posts we read, are seen flushed.


Those of you painting ominous pictures
With your scripture,
sit yer butt down chill a bit, sir.
Literature with some diss-words has no victors.
Why put her down when you can lift her?
Don't let shit stir, use your wits sir.
Be a fixer rather than a trickster.


The upvote bot ain't working.
It's the worst thing. The purse strings
are stretched thin
and the bot has thrown a wrench in.

Outta ideas, but here's a new one
Why don't you talk to some humans?
Folla that thought.
Holla at people and not bots.
Cause they've got what
it takes to make you grow.
And yes, at first it is kinda slow.

But if your followers are friends
And not a means to an end, then
You'll see the joy of collaboration
An elation station
you're happy to spend days in.
And the best part, is as you start to network.
Your heart and soul grow with your net worth.

Do we have quirks and flaws? Some.
But our work is still pretty awesome.
And so I have hope for this community,
that when broke will thrive through unity.


| via Pixabay |


Steemit making dreams comes true,
yes I've seen it too.
News crews don't say shizz
cause it's all for views.
Yet we're here to prove
through our interwebz groove,
that we're here to stay.
Fame will come our way.
One day, I can say
that the way I got paid
was through living and loving
on those MSP waves.

We're at the end of this verse.
So I'm going to revert to regular words.
Thanks and love to all you gals and blokes.
This journey's done,

Thats_all_folks (1)-01.jpg

| via Wikimedia Commons |

Hope you enjoyed that journey! Obviously, this isn't a thorough explanation of any of the complexities of the steemverse, but I had fun with it and hopefully you did too. If you're curious about more steem related facts and less known stats check out @helpie's Trivias which are conducted on a regular basis. I'm still learning new things even after being here for 4 months.

I spent more effort on the rhymes than the art on this post, but crypto art is an intriguing subject I'd like to do more of in the future. For now I want to make both the words and the art in this post available under a CC-SA license so anyone can use them as they like, and pass on that spirit of collaboration.

All the images and words in this post are free to use under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License



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How cool is that? I'm glad someone thinks my post is worth more. You heard the bot, folks. Make it happen, haha.

You'll see the joy of collaboration --that's the one surprise I've had. I didn't know what to expect on Steemit, but the people I've connected with (disembodied accounts with more humanity than I might otherwise meet in a week!) show kindness, grace and generosity. It's a joy and a learning lesson. I'm new, relatively, so the bots are perplexing to me. I just look past them and hope the more informed take them to task. It's very late. Your piece deserves more attention than my sleepy eyes can give. Will revisit tomorrow. Have followed you to be sure to read more good stuff.

I've also been constantly amazed by the community vibes here. I've met some incredible people which is why I've also not really ventured into bot land. I get that a lot of people use bots to get more visibility, but to me nothing beats the value of real human connection. Thank you for dropping by and the follow. I really appreciate it.

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