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This is my entry for @juliakponsford's Art Explosion contest. The theme this week is cities. There's a lot that goes on in a city. Just ask @manouche about the complex tapestries they weave. I wanted to keep it simple though as my skill hasn't caught up with my imagination just yet. Buildings are commonly associated with cities and are relatively easy to draw. If you've seen my previous drawings you know I love isometric lines and chose to use them rather than point perspective for this drawing.

The Entry


The Process

I start by drawing some pencil lines. I've gotten fairly comfortable with isometric grid angles and drew these freehand in a random order to fill up the space with building looking objects.


I've learnt that I'm not that good at filling in spaces, so I decided to first fill in the blocks before using a pen outline. I used black gouache paint and pencil shading smudged with a paintbrush to create some depth to the buildings.


Once the shapes are filled in, I go over them with a marker to refine them and make them sharper.


The last step is adding the window lights which I do with yellow goauche paints and earbuds. Earbuds are proving to be an pretty versatile art tool and I've probably used them more for art than to actually clean my ears. These didn't come out as perfectly as I'd have liked but still look interesting as a whole.


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Awesome work man, buildings, cities, yea they go hand in hand.

I like the line that is made up of a rooftop about in the middle, it goes across a few building all the way to an upside down one. The perception is a little Escher like!

Nice work. I'll have to check out this contests now, thanks for sharing

Thanks man.

The awesome thing about isometric lines is that they can be used to create optical illusions. Escher uses isometric grids and tessellations to create his amazing work. This could've been more intricate if I had an actual grid, but I did what I could with what I had.

You should definitely check out the contests. The talent there is unreal. I never come close to winning but it's still my favourite place to dip my toes in the artist community.

Awesome man, I had never heard of isometric grids and tessellations, but I will look into it for sure. I always loved Escher's work.

Contest time for me soon than! You'll win sometime...

I am loving the different perspectives and the illusion of the upside down building! -Aimee

Thank you! Isometric lines are fun to play around with.

Cool concept! Hope you'll win :)

Thanks man. I think your art is more deserving of a win though. The talent here is pretty amazing too!

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