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This post is about another art party we had with the OG members of previous iterations. I was back in the city to attend a friend's wedding, and @manouche was back from Korea to sort out her Visa requirements. Since we were all in the same place, we had to get together for a creative jam. So @bhavyadesai,@karunya,@manouche, her sister and I assembled to get those creative juices flowing. For this particular art party @manouche suggested we could do tessellations. I've always been fascinated with them so I was on board with the idea. The great thing about art parties is that theme's aren't really fixed. So while Manou and I got tessellating, Karu and Manou's sister wrote some poetry while Bhavya worked on some of his illustrations.


Art party in full swing.



@karunya finished her last poem of the National Poetry Writing Month. She's been consistent by writing a poem a day for the entire month. She worked on her poem during the party and we celebrated her finishing day 30. All her poems are beautifully written and haven't gotten the recognition they deserve because she's too busy to network. Do drop by her blog for some amazing poetry and words that will take you places.

@manouche did some interesting patterns that she later cut and distributed to us as souvenirs of the party.



I worked on a few classic tessellations using a square grid.




My first tessellation coloured by Manou and her sister.


We met up a few times after this party to explore more tessellations, like a Steem tessellation and this bird tessellation using an isometric grid.


This was the first art party we had after a couple months of us being in different places. It was really awesome to catch up again and get creating. I'm gonna miss these parties, but perhaps there's potential for more creative jams in the hills too.

Much thanks to @bhavyadesai for documenting our parties so well. Most pictures in this post are his. Without him, we probably wouldn't have much to remember our parties by except for the memories.


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coooool! I used to do art parties with my friends too! I havent had one in so long. This got me motivated. And tessellation is an awesome theme for one. What other kinds of themes have you done? We have done modge -podge transfers, sumi ink, collage, and paper mache as collaborative art party types of themes before. Then just gatherings where everyone does their own thing. Its such a nice way to hang out.

Ooooh, all those sound like so much fun. Ours are pretty much anything goes. Inspiration often strikes in moment and sometimes we start way too late and go on till it's way past everyone's bed time. It really is a great way to hang out. Manou was just saying that most gatherings these days seem to involve alcohol or getting high, but art can be a pretty exciting thrill too! You should totally round up the local folks and start having them again. It'd be cool to see what you can come up with.

Yeah a lot of times we just hang out and draw. but havent done it in forever. like at year or something. so its time! If I do i will totally blog about it :)

If i can butt in here, art parties have been the best part of Chennai this year. We don't really have too much of a theme. It's free flowing but the first couple of times we had @bhavyadesai sort of lead a session with copic markers ot watercolours and we discovered media that we would normally not use otherwise!

Yeah we have done it without themes too but looking back I think the most memorable ones were when we all decided to try a process or medium together. But yes either way its fun and helps me stay creative!

This was a really fun one. And within 24h of coming back! Thing about art parties is that it lets you discover and reinvent yourself with everyone else.

I feel like there needs to be a separate post about the ghost of this pigeon lol.

Yeah, I really missed these art parties.
Lol, the pigeon ghost. Perhaps you should describe those events. You did do its eulogy, so seems fitting that you speak about it here too.

Can this be the theme song for the post? It started playing in my head as soon as I read your title.

I especially like the picture taken from outside looking in on the party. It made me feel more like I was there, in a (creeper?) way.

Haha, yeah most definitely. We played it a bunch of times during the parties too. Can't help but think of Alt-J when I hear tessellate.
Bhavya is quite creative when it comes to documenting these parties. I didn't even notice he'd taken that photo from outside the window.

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