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Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses such as sight. Another form of synesthesia joins objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people's names with a sensory perception such as smell, colour or flavour.

I don't have actual synesthesia, but this post series is my attempt to make art based on awesome Steemian music as a bridge between the art and music communities on steemit. I started this series as Synesthesia Sunday, but I've figured I can't stick to a weekly schedule. I couldn't find the time for this over the weekend and instead of doing something quick and half-assed I thought I'd take my time with it. I still want to do at least one post like this a week, but they're not limited to Sundays anymore.

The Music

The music I chose this week is a song called Inhale Fire Exhale Light by @nathankaye and the band he played with during his time in China called Noisefloor.

Check out his original post here.
Didge in EDM - Inhale Fire Exhale Light (Beat Battle League S2:R7) - Nathan Kaye (Noisefloor)

The music is a little different from what Nathan usually sounds like. If you haven't come across him before I highly recommend you visit his blog. He's a multi-talented, genre-bending prolific musician whose toured with some Aussie legends and always produces quality music whether it's blues slide guitar or a soulful message for peace. This particular song is an excellent blend of didgeridoos, beat-boxing and EDM. The music itself is the kind you can get in the zone to, kinda reminiscent Shpongle. I can only imagine the energy those live gigs had. It's a good listen and even though it's not my favourite song by Nathan what I found particularly endearing about this are the words Inhale Fire Exhale Light. There's something beautiful about that I wanted to draw.

The Art







The Process

Unlike previous posts, I had many images in my head of what the words Inhale Fire Exhale Light could look like and had to figure out the best way to execute it. Since the music was a unique blend of organic and digital instruments, I thought maybe I could use tools to supplement my art too. So I started by drawing circles using a compass and sketch pen to represent Light with a flower of life type of aesthetic.


I then represent the Fire with sketch pens and slowly start filling out the details.


The days have been rather hot recently so my sweaty hands ended up smudging a lot of my lines. I still need to figure out a workaround. I'm comfortable with drawing lines at certain angles so my book gets rotated around a lot which unfortunately causes smudging when I place my hand on top of freshly drawn ink. The geometry still looked interesting though and I was curious to see what Mirror Lab would make of it, so as the last step I put the finished art through the app to come up with some fractalized fire and light.


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Yes, I have heard of this, where others can perceive music through vision. Amazing. I also listened to @nathankaye's song while reading your post to get the full effect. Thanks for sharing your art and some new music. -Aimee

It's an interesting thought experiment to imagine what music could look like. Often what I see in my head isn't close to what I produce but the process for these posts is always fun. Thanks for dropping by!8

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Whoa, that's awesome. So great to see Curie partnering with projects like this. They were probably the first witnesses I voted for. They really are doing amazing things for this community. Please consider voting for them if you haven't already.

This is soooo good. Love how you sat with a compass and made those circles patiently. And the colours after you process it on mirror lab, especially with the black, is amazing!

The idea to synthesise music and art is brilliant. It's a great way to discover new music like Nathan's. I'm looking forward to this series!

Thaaanks. I love the process of creating these even though the final outcome may not be all that nice looking. It's a good way to get in the practice to get better too. Also the quality of the music I find here is just incredible. This little series is turning out to be great in so many ways.

You should try drawing music sometime. Hey maybe when you're back we can have a Synesthesia Party?

I think the final outcome looks great! You're too modest, man. Like Modest Mouse.

I should try drawing music. I want to draw first to @karunya's poetry!

Hey, I'm back this time next week already. Will you come back home?

I'll be back in the city for Basil's wedding, so yeah we can chill.

Oh my god this is stunningly BEAUTIFUL!! The colours, the design.. the idea!!!!

My son has synaesthesia.. stronger as a kid but less so now. It meant names and letters had coloyr graduations.. if he knew you well, for eg, your name would be goldish. Mine was pinky gold. Also music... deeper notes brownish through to reds and yellows. Hes a musician.. i always wonder if that cross sensory firing allowed him to access that talent ..

Thank you! Your compliments mean a lot! I've never met anyone with actual synesthesia. It sounds like a separate reality. It would be amazing to hear his music if he is willing to share. It'd also be interesting to see an interpretation of what art actually looks like to someone with synesthesia.

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Wow! Bruthaman! This is truly epic!
And such an honour to have my music and philosophy act as a muse for an artistic creation!
So your mandala is reminiscent of my first tattoo that I got in 2001, which is also based around the flower of life, or more specifically, the seed of life (as well as celtic and sufi concepts)... Whilst the colouring is different, there's an uncanny resemblance to it in your art here.
I will get a pick and upload it soon so you can see...

Anyway, thanks so so much for honouring me and my music in this way. I am deeply touched.
Namaste bro!

That's really cool about the tattoo. I've always been in awe of Sacred Geometry and I thought a loose interpretation would suit your art well because the words have that feeling of carrying a meaning that's more than what's literal. Glad you like it, it was fun doing and your music is really inspiring.

Awesomeness brotha.

Thanks, man. Appreciate it. Dude, maybe you could someday make some art into music. Like the reverse of what I'm doing. I have a feeling you'll be awesome at it.

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