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Synesthesia Sunday is my attempt to interpret awesome music by steemians through my art.

Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses such as sight. Another form of synesthesia joins objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people's names with a sensory perception such as smell, colour or flavour.

The Music

The music I attempted to draw is a track called Meteorite by @slacktmusic.

Check out his original post to listen to some great beats and chill vibes.

Slack-T - Meteorite [Original] [Triphop]

Tom has just moved houses and despite having a busted MIDI controller, he managed to put together this sweet triphop track. It's a great combination of smooth organic beats and some great synths and effects. It's got those spacey vibes and despite being minimal, it conveys a lot of feeling and has an awesome build up that isn't too over the top.

The Art





The Process

I wanted this to be an intuitive drawing which means I don't focus on the form, but the flow of the lines while listening to the music. I felt like using organic movements and swirly motifs which I started drawing with crayons. I didn't really need a pencil sketch this time as the whole idea was to go with the flow of the music. I also drew a meteor looking thing to relate to the title of the song. Anyone can do an intuitive drawing as it's not really about what you draw, but the process of drawing itself. I timed my strokes with the music and drawing this was very relaxing and meditative.


Around midway through the song, the bass really kicks in and the crayon lines didn't seem to do it justice. So, I picked up a pen and let loose with the same loopy movements. The song isn't too long so I listened to it on repeat and alternated between pens and crayon to fill up the space.


Finally, I put the art through Mirror Lab to create some intriguing kaleidoscopes.


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Cool! I've always wondered what art from people with Synesthesia would look like.

Thanks! I don't have actual synesthesia, this is just my interpretation of what it could be like. I wonder what it would be like to actually see music too.

Yes! I'll have to do some digging- I'm sure there are artists with synesthesia out there!

I did some research and there are a few famous artists like Duke Ellington who had synesthesia. I'm sure there's more too who aren't as famous. Creative fields really seem to be perfect for people like them.

Wow, how cool! Yea you would almost think it would be hard to NOT be an artist if you had it!

Wow @soulturtle I'm literally stunned. Thank you for drawing out what you feel and see when listening to my track. Although I read about it, I never met someone with synesthesia so far and this is something very interesting and special. Again, thank you so much for posting this!
Cheers, Tom

On the contrary, thank you for posting such great music. It's definitely been inspiring discovering all the amazing talent here on steemit. I think the closest us regular people can get to synesthesia is through heightened states of consciousness. This isn't really synesthesia but is still a nice bridge between music and art.

Nice mandala work, buds!
I shilled this post today in our helpie meeting!

Thanks man! I'm honoured to have been shilled. I still gotta make it to one of those meetings someday.
Community vibes on steemit are just so ridiculously positive, it's amazing!

Synaesthesia is fascinating. My son has it. They say a lot of artists and musicians have it - ie Miles Davis, Kadinsky. I wish I had it!

That's really interesting. Does he do any art? Though I guess skill is a factor too. Just cause you can see it doesn't mean you can draw it. I see crazy stuff in my head I know I can't draw. I have a kinda internal sysnesthesia, but yes experiencing it first hand would be quite the experience.

really amaizng...keep it up..

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