Fractals, Cookies and a New Song

in #art4 years ago

I was hanging out in the deep end and I let everyone know I was down to collaborate to make sweet tunes. I asked for recordings of anything knowing I could try to mix it up and create something new.

Outta nowhere a pirate goat ghost puppy showed up and said how about sampling some images? I said fuck yes. Knowing that @torico loves cookies, I traded an infinite amount of Insomnia Cookies for some awesome awesome images to fractalize and photo hack.

These were the photos she shared:







Absolutely beautiful.

Here are my photo remixes :)



















Hope you all enjoyed. Infinite Lovewaves.

Thank you @torico, I'm splitting the SBD of this post with you. Infinite Cookies.

On a side note, I got this phone app called Music Maker Jam and god damn its awesome. I can make tunes while waiting in line, while loitering, sitting in stand still traffic.

This was my first attempt. Hope you enjoy :)



I love to see the colaboration coming out if discord. The photos are a amazing....and that song is on point. Nice work!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Many Lovewaves

are all these your gifs? if so, i want to learn.

wow, i want to learn too

This is the right amount of cookies!

Soundwaves! Yes, digging the fractalized images dude! Now time to jam to this sweet tune.

Nice gif! Glad you stopped by.

wow amazing, i adorable ur art, i would learn from u.

Thank you, I like your art too :)

amazing, teach me please :D

Some upvotes directly from the basement, for the basement :D

Thanks man, from the basement

That is some wicked cool work on those pictures!

I approve of this post. nao gimme mah cookies!

O,o ....



noms all dah cookie

This actually brings some memories back to me 97 Berlin Loveparade :)

very interesting. and so cool. followed you ;)))

Thanks man, many lovewaves

Quite a nice tune and image remixes. I amke alot of music on iphone/ipad, you should try Figure app and Gadget if you have not already

Awesome thank you!, i'll have to see if they're on android.

Don't think those are on android but there is a great Synth app called DRC that just came out on Android that I designed some of sounds on. Caustic 3 is probably the best android music app, there is not much on android as there are so many different android devices it makes it difficult for developers to get consistent performance on all the different types

This is just soooooooo trippy

Thanks for stopping by. Have some more trips.

So trippy. This place you have taken us is a nice place. RESPECT

Thanks man, much love. RESPECT.

I like 7, 11, 12, 13 and second to last. all of them

Very nice pictures i like the colors, Followed you

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Amazing! you're a talent person! upvote my comment please! and folow me ! I folow you